Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Justice: Audio, Video, Disco

Justice’s new album Audio, Video, Disco has a progressive Americana feel compared to previous releases, which feature a distinct French electro-house feel. The howling guitars in “Horsepower” bring to mind Queen’s “Bicycle Race,” while the euphoric vocals in “Ohio” sound like they might be pulled from Kansas, The Eagles, or The Cars. The album features guests Vincent Vendetta of Midnight Juggernauts and Morgan Phalen of Diamond Knights, who add a distinct glam rock feel the duo’s second full Length studio album. Compared to album Cross, Audio, Video, Disco has less vocal distortion, funkier bass lines, and screaming progressive guitar that give it a light, electro-rock/pop feel and overall brighter tone. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cross is rereleased in the future with Audio, Video, Disco in some sort of two disk compilation remixes set. Consider it essential Justice: what you wish you had listened to this summer.

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